Special Assignment Reviews the Activities of the Vlakplaas 'Death Squads' and their impacts on families of those murdered or deliberately rendered useless in their operations to implement decisions of apartheid political leaders

Vlakplaas. Picture: Nicolene Olckers/Foto24 Vlakplaas. Picture: Nicolene Olckers/Foto24

Watch out for the Special Assignment two-part focus on the activities of Vlakplaas in the context of the recent parole of its former commander, Mr Eugene de Kock. The documentary includes interviews with memebrs of Khulumani Support group.

The screenings are on SABC 3 at 20:30 on March 8 and March 15, 2015. Eugene de Kock, a former Commander of Vlakplaas, was recently awarded a parole. He has 'unfinished business' with family members of the victims of his unit's activities.

Will he follow through on helping these families now that he has been released? 

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