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AHMED TIMOL WAS MURDERED 46 YEARS AGO TODAY - Statement from the Ahmed Timol Family Trust

Some details remain hidden but official record books have been set straight

Today we commemorate the day, 46 years ago, that apartheid security police stopped assaulting our beloved brother and uncle, Ahmed Timol, and either pushed him out of the 10th floor window or off the roof of John Vorster Square Police Station.

We don’t know whether he was alive when he fell, or what time of day it was. The evidence of the only living “eyewitness”, former Sergeant Joao Rodrigues, who claimed to have been alone in the room when Timol committed suicide, was dismissed as a pack of lies by Judge Billy Mothle who presided over the recently concluded re-opened inquest.

Rapport: Afrikaners do not understand THIS pain - English version of op-ed from Khulumani Support Group

Yesterday Rapport Weekliks carried an op-ed they had commissioned from Khulumani Support Group. The Afrikaans title appeared as "Afrikaners verstaan die pyn nie". It is on Page 7 of the Weekliks section. Please find the English version below. Your comments would be welcome - send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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