Khulumani expresses concern on the proposal at the African Union that African leaders withdraw from the International Criminal Court - a devastating prospect for victims and survivors of political conflict in Africa

In 2 days, the continent's leaders at the African Union will debate a motion being driven by the political leaders of Sudan and Kenya for African leaders to withdraw from the International Criminal Court (ICC).

This is a devastating propsect in a context of growing divides between the leaders of African countries and the people of African countries who suffer the consequences of states that tend to rule over their people, rather than ruling in the service of their people.

The ICC has been a unique institution that has combined the best of common and criminal law systems towards ensuring that victims of crimes against humanity have real access to possibilities for justice and for redress.

Only this year, the ICC opened itself to consult with organisations that work for these shared objectives. Amongst the participating organisations was Khulumani Support Group in a process that reviewed how best to ensure effective participation in the proceedings of the ICC of victims and survivors.

We call on all our members and associates to join the urgent call on our leaders at the African Union to reject the motion before the AU on Friday 11 October 2013.

Archbishop emeritus Desmond Tutu has taken to the internet to try and persuade Africans that they shouldn’t allow their leaders to take the continent out of the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Please sign the AVAAZ petition:

Thank you.

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