Khulumani joins the call of The Parents' Circle for the Israeli Defence Forces to Leave Gaza


The Parents' Circle comprising Israeli and Palestinian family members of those who lost their lives in the ongoing conflict, are calling on the Israeli Defence Forces to leave Gaza. The organisation has issued an appeal in a youtube video: We Don't Want You Here! We Don't Want More Members! Go Away! See

Khulumani has valued a relationship with some members of the Parents' Circle and has also recently participated in meetings with Israeli and Palestinian legal scholars exploring possibilities for using transitional justice tools to restore peace and a cessation of hostilities in their respective countries. 

The latest operation of the Israeli Defence Forces in the Gaza Strip, called Operation Protective Edge, has already claimed the lives of 230 Palestinians and 1 Israeli. 

Recognising that there is no solution possible through military combat, AVAAZ has made a global appeal at for companies to withdraw investments from financing or taking part in Israel's occupation of Palestine. 

They explain that the root of the conflict is in the dispossession of the Palestinian people with Gaza having become the "largest open-air prison in the world". When bombs fall in Gaza, families have no way to get out. Loving families on both sides of the conflict are the losers. They just want freedom and peace. They do not want any more bodies. They do not want to qualify for membership of the Parents' Circle.

The companies that are complicit in aiding and abetting these war crimes are Dutch pension fund, ABP; Barclays Bank which invests in suppliers of arms; computer giant Hewlett-Packard that supplies sophisticated surveillance equipment to control the movement of Palestinians; and Caterpillar that sells the bulldozers used to demolish Palestinian homes and farms. 

If all these companies pulled out, complicity in this bloodshed would be ended. The world urgently needs the treaty for ending corporate crimes and impunity and the companies identified here would head the list of those to be held accountable for aiding and abetting the perpetration of gross human rights violations. 

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