REMEMBERING DIS(RE)MEMBERING: Mugabe Poster: The Reality of Little TRC Delivery

"Listen Tendai, get me those know-it-all South Africans to organise me a reconciliation-amnesty thingy-majigg. I am in no mood to compensate so-called 'victims' or disclose the truth about so-called human rights abuses. And I am keeping all MY farms!!"

The much-praised South African Truth and Reconcilaition Commission (TRC) has, in the experience of victims and survivors of the gross human rights violations of the apartheid-era, been deeply disappointing. 

There has been very little delivery of truth, justice and reparations for individuals and communities that were devastated by the violations they suffered while those most responsible have not been held to account.

This reality is expressed in the poster entitled "Mugabe".

This poster is one of a series of comic art images developed by four young South Africans with the Khulumani Support Group on the complex and fragile relationship between past and present; old and young; remembering and forgetting; present and future; mourning and healing. The creators of the exhibition "REMEMBERING DIS(RE)MEMBERING" are Sani Singaphi, a visual artist and musician from Port Elizabeth; Bulelani Booi, a graphic artist and member of the music duo WORDSUNTAME; Nomalanga Mkhize, a historian activist from Grahamstown; and Xolile Madinda, a community youth and education activist, from Fingo, Grahamstown.

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