Let's play 'Join the dots' - social justice and the transformation in South Africa


As a membership organisation committed to social justice and the transformation of social relationships in South Africa, Khulumani Support Group appreciates the thoughtful questions raised by the blogger ragamuffin (Linda Martindale) in her piece called Let's Play Join the Dots (and shared more widely by Kairos Southern Africa).  Eighteen years after a remarkable transition brought about by the willingness of all South Africans to seek solutions through dialogue and through processes of truth-telling rather than through an intensification of violence, many more privileged South Africans have retreated back into their silos or lagers.

Yet the open heartedness of those whose lives remained defined by the indignity of deprivation and chronic poverty that is the consequence of the realities that Linda describes, persists. The gaps in this country can never be justified where the most vulnerable carry the greatest costs of sustaining the lifestyles of those least susceptible to life's inevitable precariousness. 

Linda asks these important questions that reflect the attitude that every South African deserves the dignity of having enough to meet their needs and those of their families.

We welcome Linda's invitation to all more privileged South Africans to remove their blinkers and to consider making more ethical decisions about how those who service their lifestyles everyday, are treated.

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