Khulumani Works on Reparations Submissions to Assist the Minister of Justice to Achieve Justice and Reparations for Victims of Apartheid Gross Human Rights Violations

Khulumani and member organisations of the South African Coalition on Transitional Justice are working on submissions to the Department of Justice to assist in their adoption after so many years of a comprehensive programme of reparations to redress the damage suffered by victims in their contribution to the liberation struggle in South Africa. 2016 marks the 20th Year since the commencement of the TRC in April 1996. 

Dr Cath Byrne who completed her PhD with Khulumani Support Group almost 20 years ago through the University of Santa Cruz in California, USA, returned in 2005 to conduct follow up interviews with victims and survivors who had received the Individual Reparations Grants.

This year Cath summarised her findings regarding the experiences of those relatively few survivors of apartheid gross human rights violations, who had received the benefit of a R30,000.00 once-off grant. These findings are summarised in the attached Power Point presentation. Cath has expressed the hope that these findings might inform Khulumani's ongoing advocacy for reparations. 

Cath produced a book of the 30 narratives told to her that had formed the basis of her PhD. The book is called All That Was Lost and was launched by Khulumani with all 30 families present, at an event held in Freedom Square, Kliptown followed by a lunch at the Soweto Hotel. 

Khulumani wishes to sincerely thank Dr Cath Byrne for her continued and continuing concern for the lives of survivors of apartheid gross human rights violations.


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