Critically Rethinking the Implications of Impunity for South Africa's Apartheid Chemical and Biological Warfare Programme: The POISONED PASTS Exhibition, Nelson Mandela Foundation from 6 October 2016

The Nelson Mandela Foundation will host an exhibition from 6 October called POISONED PASTS, while the process of sentencing Dr Wouter Basson for his involvement in the apartheid government's Chemical and Biological Weapons Programme, remains stalled by his reversion to the North Gauteng High Court in efforts to claim bias on the part of the HPCSA's Disciplinary Panel.

The exhibition at the Nelson Mandela Foundation focuses on the use of poison and chemical substances by the military and the police and the impacts of these substances on those suspected of being harmed.

  • The notice of this important exhibition is attached along with background about PROJECT COAST and the continuing struggle to end impunity for crimes committed using these agents and substances. 

Khulumani Support Group has been involved for several years in supporting the efforts of the HPCSA to hold Dr Basson accountable for his actions as Head of Project Coast.

The Khulumani Mamelodi Mothers of the Disappeared, the young student activists from the township who were politically abducted, injected with disorienting substances that caused them to lose consciousness and then assassinated by security police agents, have attended each of the HPCSA's disciplinary hearings into Dr Wouter Basson's involvement in Chemical and Biological Warfare over the past several years.

Khulumani's Director, Dr Marjorie Jobson, a medical doctor, facilitated an international petition amongst members of the global transitional justice community, calling for Dr Basson to be struck from the register of health professionals. She was called upon to testify in aggravation of the sentence to be determined for Dr Wouter Basson. 


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