Bishop Ndugane at World Economic Forum –

Foreign banks and businesses that invested in South Africa during the apartheid era should be compelled to make reparation payments, Anglican Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane said on Saturday in Davos, Switzerland.

Abstracts from article:

  1. In a speech prepared for delivery at the World Economic Forum as a representative of Jubilee 2000, Archbishop Ndungane reminded delegates that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission had made recommendations for reparation payments for serious violations of human rights by South Africans. The same principles should apply to foreign corporations that profited under apartheid, he said.

  2. TRC commissioner Yasmin Sooka added that this was especially necessary given the massive social backlogs inherited by the present government. Reparation payments should be used for the reconstruction and development of southern Africa, similar to the Marshall Plan that reconstructed Germany after World War 2. Jubilee 2000 is a lobby group campaigning for the cancellation of third world debt.

  • Source: Full article “Apartheid businesses to pay up” appeared on the website
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