Khulumani questions R800 million for reparations –

Khulumani questioned the process that lead to a final commitment of R800 million for reparations by Trevor Manuel, the finance minister, in his budget speech.

Abstracts from article:

  1. Khulumani said the amount promised this week falls far short of the R3-billion that the TRC estimated final reparation payments would cost.

  2. Khulumani also asked when the government would implement a final reparations policy and what this would involve, besides cash payments to victims. “We can’t understand what process lies behind the R800-million. There were recommendations from the TRC for final reparations then suddenly there’s R800-million,” said Maggie Friedman, chairperson of Khulumani, an organisation of survivors of apartheid-era rights violations.

  3. Friedman said her organisation had tried “very hard” to clarify the issues with the government. “But the last time that happened was about two years ago when Dullah Omar was minister of justice. We’re now trying to organise a meeting for March 21, Human Rights Day,” she said.

  • Source: Full article “‘R800m for apartheid’s victims not enough'” appeared on the Independant Online website
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