Reparation summit to be announced –

A summit between victims, civil society and big business is on the cards to find a settlement out of court.

Abstracts from article:

  1. Apartheid victims are preparing to flex their muscle from Wednesday as they reel from shock over being awarded a quarter of the amount of compensation they had to wait five years for.

  2. President Thabo Mbeki announced a once-off payment of R30 000 to about 22 000 victims of gross human rights violations identified by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), while thrashing victims’ efforts to sue foreign banks and companies that bankrolled apartheid.

  3. On Wednesday Anglican Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane and veteran activist Fatima Meer are set to voice victims’ anger when they lead a press conference on behalf of the Khulumani victims support group and Jubilee 2000, which have instituted [a] court case on behalf of victims in American courts against foreign companies that propped up the apartheid state.

  4. They are expected to announce a summit between victims, civil society and big business in an effort to find a settlement out of court. Neville Gabriel, spokesperson for Jubilee SA, stressed that the legal actions were taken as a last resort when appeals to businesses fell on deaf ears.

  • Source: Full article “We will fight on, vow apartheid victims” appeared on the Independant Online website
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