Khulumani gathers to say farewell to Australian Volunteer Ms Pamela Whitman

Last Saturday, June 1 Khulumani's staff with their families gathered at the Zoo Lake for a braai / picnic to spend time together and to say farewell to Pamela Whitman, a colleague who was placed with the organisation by Australian Volunteers some three and a half years ago.

Pamela became an integral member of Khulumani's work over these past few years as she led the deepening of the organisation's victim empowerment programme and subsequently the expansion of this work into the use of the tools of Forum Theatre, a form of Theatre of the Oppressed, the theatre for development tools developed by Brazilian, Augusto Boal.

In the process, Khulumani has developed a Youth Forum Theatre Performing Group that has been sharing their work on a range of platforms including taking part in the Drama for Life Festival and awareness-raising actions against violence against women. The repertoire of the group includes productions that deal with burning issues affecting communities such as crime and the reintegration of offenders, reparations for survivors of gross violations, the treatment of migrants and issues of identity.

Pamela has left a rich legacy with Khulumani. Each member of staff paid tribute to her contributions to Khulumani in short speeches that were made after the braai. Freedom Ngubonde served as a very able organiser of the event and as the Master of Ceremonies. Angela's four month old son, Luyando was introduced to everyone for the first time. Thank you for each contribution to making this a very special day of taking time out to be with each other and to appreciate what each person brings to Khulumani's demanding work.

Pamela, we wish you well as you return to Brisbane, Australia and we trust that our paths will remain connected over many years to come as you find ways to return and to support the important work to which you have made such valuable contributions.

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