Khulumani's Long Wait for its Meeting with Minister Michael Masutha of the Ministry of Justice and Correctional Services Continues and Concerns Mount

Since the cancellation of the long-approved meeting between President Jacob Zuma and Khulumani Support Group, that was scheduled for 2 October 2014, on grounds, in the words of officials in The Presidency, that the issues to be discussed had been resolved, without any notice to Khulumani of the content of this 'resolution', Khulumani was promised a meeting with the Minister of Justice, Advocate Michael Masutha. 

Advocate Masutha's PA gave Khulumani the provisional date of 15 February 2015, a post-SONA (State of the Nation) date, for this long-awaited meeting. The Minister's PA failed to confirm the details of this meeting and subsequent regular follow-up with the Minister's Office has failed to finalise a date for the meeting. 

The urgent matter of the proposed implementation of the previous Special Dispensation on Presidential Pardons for some 900 individuals who claimed to have committed their crimes with a political motive, is one of the burning issues on the agenda, given that the Constitutional Court made rulings in respect of this dispensation that we are concerned should be respected.


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