Help Repair South Africa: #RepairSA

Help Repair South Africa: #RepairSA

KHULUMANI SUPPORT GROUP is the only nationwide membership group advocating for justice and redress for survivors and victims of apartheid-era gross human rights violations, as well as their families. We also stand up for people who suffer post-apartheid human rights violations.

Khulumani acts to help restore the lives and dignity of people harmed during and after apartheid, through confronting injustices, past and present. This happens in communities; through interactions with government; and through taking specific issues to the courts.

Finishing our nation’s unfinished business requires courage and tenacity. We must work together with all who believe that the rights enshrined in our Constitution and our Bill of Rights can be achieved.

Today, Khulumani encourages people to:
• SPEAK OUT about the broken promises and shattered hopes of those who contributed to the liberation struggle;
• SPEAK OUT about political and other elites who look after themselves at the expense of the people;
• SPEAK OUT about atrocities committed by those with authority and power, in the past and in the present.

Help Repair South Africa #RepairSA

If you share Khulumani’s vision to finish what we started, we ask if you would work with us as volunteers or as interns on projects that promote healing and justice.

Many of you have skills and experience in social media, information and communication technology, and other aspects of modern-day living; while we have access to older persons who took up the struggle for our freedom. As we take these unfinished struggles for justice into new arenas and forums, Khulumani recognises the need for the help of people like you, in repairing injustices for the sakes of us all.

To volunteer or to approach Khulumani with ideas about possible internships, please
• contact us on email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ;
• call our National Contact Centre on 011 833 2044/5 to request that we call you back;
• visit us on Facebook and submit your suggestions, or
• contact us on our website

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