Khulumani Limpopo Meets DOJ&CD in Polokwane to Raise Ongoing Concerns: Response expected by 19 May 2017


  • The video in this article is from a 2015 consultation between the Department of Justice and the Ga-Matlala community, during which the community rejected the DoJ's plans to divert money meant to for reparations of apartheid victims.

On 26 April 2017, the Limpopo Provincial Leadership of Khulumani Support Group met with Ntate Kgosimang from the Polokwane Office of the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development. 

In this meeting, a letter to the Director-General, Mr Vusi Madonsela in the National Department of Justice, was submitted in which Khulumani Limpopo introduced their request for Mr Madonsela's intervention to stop all ongoing activities that appear to try to seduce uninformed communities with offers of money from The President's Fund.

Khulumani's Limpopo Chairperson and its Provincial Coordinator in particular have been working unceasingly to draw attention to the attempts to divert Victims' Reparation Funds to particular interest groups without the consent of victims whose needs remain unaddressed.

Of particular concern to victims of apartheid gross human rights violations, has been the emerging alliance between former COO Dr de Wee and Mr Thabana Matlala of the Matlala Royal Council who have been forging plans for the use of resources from the victims' reparations funds without the consent of victims, for "development projects' in their name.

Victims of gross human rights violations in Limpopo Province have tried over many years to engage all levels of the Department of Justice in seeking a resolution of their unfair and entirely arbitrary exclusion from the remedies the state is obliged to provide to all victims of gross human rights violations. This has occurred despite the written record of the extraordinary lengths to which they went as the Congress of GaMatlala in keeping the spirit of the liberation struggle alive in GaMatlala.

The letter includes the following points:

At various points, decision-makers in the Department concurred that:

a) Funds should be set aside to verify the data in the Khulumani Database (Dr de Wee in 2010);

b) Efforts should be made to amend the current situation of the arbitrary exclusion of victims of apartheid gross human rights violations from reparations remedies, so as to align South Africa with the practice of every other transitional justice mechanism set up in the world to allow highly traumatised individuals to come forward when they are ready, to be formally registered as beneficiaries of reparations payments;

c) The victim reparations funds in The President’s Fund should be ringfenced, protected and preserved until justice has been delivered as a first step to those who carried the costs of bringing our democratic government to power (the struggle veterans who continue to languish); and

d) The revised regulations for Community Reparations promised by former Director-General in the Department, Ms Sindane are presented to a legitimate stakeholders’ forum for further discussion by the victims designated as primary beneficiaries of these funds.

Khulumani requests and demands that:

1. All disbursements for community reparations are halted until the primary issue of individual reparations to all those who suffered gross human rights violations in the struggle for liberation, are addressed.

2. All continuing outreach activities of the TRC Unit in the Department are halted until individual reparations for all victims verified through an agreed process, are paid along with access to the essential services needed by victims for health care, housing and education; and

3. The long-awaited stakeholder conference about a community reparations scheme is finally held as promised by former DG, Ms Sindane.


  • The formal letter requesting a response within 14 days, by 19 May 2017, is attached.

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