Khulumani Support Group wishes to alert members, friends, partners, supporters and associates to the following:

The six former board members of Khulumani Support Group, Ms Judy Seidman, Ms Shirley Gunn, Ms (Professor) Gertrude Fester, Advocate Sipho Mantula, Ms Nomarussia Bonase and Mr Nyanisile Rolihlahla were removed as board members from the board of Khulumani Support Group at the organization’s Annual General Meeting held in Bloemfontein on Freedom Day (27 April) 2019 after twelve months of unsuccessful efforts by the members of Khulumani’s National Steering Committee to engage these individuals in discussions to end an impasse that had developed.

The calling of Khulumani’s AGM that met every constitutional requirement for the holding of an AGM, became the advised route for the resolution of the impasse. The removal of these individuals and the election by Khulumani members of a new board means that the six former board members named above, have no standing in Khulumani and cannot represent the organisation on any platform in any region of the world and especially in South Africa.

Khulumani calls for an end to their collective abuse of a movement of individuals who carried the cost of an immense struggle against the tyranny and oppression of apartheid. The struggle has continued in the ongoing attempts of these former board members to abuse power in violation of the practices and principles of Khulumani Support Group as a committed peoples’ movement. Khulumani’s members have stood firm in their rejection of the attempts of this group of individuals using many variants of so-called “dirty tricks” to assert power over the people in the movement. The people in Khulumani continue to withstand with endurance and commitment such obvious abuse of power.

Khulumani is not for sale. Khulumani belongs to the people who built the movement and who have remained committed to a deeply participatory social justice for redress, restoration and restitution.

All these matters are being prepared for a High Court action against the named individuals. In the meantime, please note that all actions related to Khulumani Support Group, involving Ms Shirley Gunn, Ms Judy Seidman, Ms (Professor) Gertrude Fester, Advocate Sipho Mantula, Ms Nomarussia Bonase and Mr Nyanisile Rolihlahla are unlawful and in violation of the decisions of Khulumani’s membership.

For further information, you may contact the Chairperson of Khulumani’s Board, Mr Gecelo Sidumo (Cell: 060 344-4920) and / or the Chairperson of Khulumani’s National Steering Committee, Mr Mbulelo Lipile (Cell: 074 378-3707).

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