Khulumani’s Advocacy Adviser, Mr Tshepo Madlingozi at the 2013 World Social Forum in Tunis –

Khulumani’s Advocacy Adviser and Board Member, Mr Tshepo Madlingozi is currently in Tunis to attend the World Social Forum, currently underway.

The WSF is the space where local actors from across the world come together to exchange experiences regarding their work related to the overarching theme of the World Social Forums – “Another world is possible”.

The main focuses of the WSF are issues of democracy, participation and sovereignty of the people against the power of corporations; labour and human rights against the privatization of the commons; Good Living and the rights of Mother Earth against the commercialization of nature and Life, and the integration and solidarity of the peoples against injustice.

These are all focuses that inform and inspire Khulumani’s work as it strives to build an inclusive society that is characterised by equality and social justice.

The theme of the 2013 World Social Forum in DIGNITY.

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