Launch of the Book INCORRUPTIBLE shines new light on anti-apartheid activists’ deaths

Dulcie September Dulcie September

Last Tuesday evening, Professor Ivor Chipkin hosted a launch of the book, INCORRUPTIBLE by independent investigative journalist, Evelyn Groenink that details the outcome of her 30 years of investigation into the murders of three prominent ant-apartheid activists whose lives were stolen through their assassination, the investigations into which were always characterized by unanswered questions and security agent-managed investigations.

The book launch was hosted by Professor Ivor Chipkin, Executive Director of the Public Affairs Research Institute, that is affiliated to Wits University, co-editor with Professor Mark Swilling of the book, Betrayal of the Promise, the work of the State Capacity Research Group that has contributed to an understanding of the phenomenon of state capture in South Africa. See

The book contributes to revealing evidence of the role of apartheid-era covert intelligence operatives in collusion with foreign country secret service agents, in conducting the nefarious, covert intelligence operations that planned and executed the murders of three deeply committed democrats, Dulcie September, Chris Hani and Anton Lubowski, all of whom were murdered as a result of intelligence operations, carried out in France, South Africa and Namibia.

Groenink's work exposes the long-term criminal networks of shadowy forces that ended the lives of these three "incorruptible anti-apartheid activists" and that continue in our politics today.

Groenink explained that what kept her going in the struggle for truth-recovery was her deep appreciation for the person of Ms Dulcie September, a dedicated school teacher who always expected that her students would apply themselves to delivering quality work. Groenink imagined Ms September overseeing the work she was doing on attempting to uncover the truth. In each case, she went back and found many people whose paths had crossed with those of these activists. She would interview them and from them she gained special insights. For example, the now-elderly building painters who were working on the apartheid block in which Ms September had lived. They had never forgotten Ms September and they mourned for the situation in which they said, "It seemed that a run-over dog got more attention that did the killing of Dulcie September." This remains a shocking indictment on those who orchestrated her murder and seemingly got away with it. 

Groenink asserted that 'for too many years, we have, as a country, been piling up dirty dishes in our sink.' She stated that eventually dirty dishes have to be washed. This assertion as echoed by Bishop Mpumlwana, General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches, who contributed to the BIG DEBATE on "Do we have a NEW DAWN in South Africa?" on Saturday evening, 10 March 2018, when he stated that a new dawn would have to be preceded by a "cleansing".  

May this new era be the era in which our body politic is cleansed so that we can return to building the accountable and transparent participatory democracy of our dreams - the dream that should give substance to the vision of the Freedom Charter.

Please see the following newspaper report:

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