[Video] Leihlo la Sechaba: Apartheid and trauma


Khulumani's work with victims of Apartheid is covered in this edition of Leihlo la Sechaba (Sotho for Eye of the Nation) - an investigative programme on SABC 2 where journalists investigate topics of interest, developmental stories, corruption, crime and where possible, discover the truth.

 Many victims and perpetrators of the apartheid system still suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder due to atrocities suffered and witnessed during that era. It has been just over twenty years since the disbanding of apartheid, but many people are not coping, due to anger and overwhelming quilt. Some suffer from nightmares and flashbacks, severe alcohol abuse and depression. How can the nation assist with psychological services to help those suffering to cope? 

Watch this programme every Monday at 20:30 only on SABC 2.

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