Breaking news! 1960 Sharpeville massacre grounds allocated to Khulumani for food production –

Ma Selloane Phetane, veteran activist of Khulumani Sharpeville reported today that they will hold a Thanksgiving event Saturday 19 November at the Old Police Station in Sharpeville where the 1960 Massacre took place. The breakfast will start at 8:00am and Khulumani members will present a play “Sharpeville 1960-1993”.

sharpeville-policestation-runningAll this is to celebrate the NEWS that the Sharpeville Local Council has just allocated a sizable PLOT for food production by the Khulumani Sharpeville group. The plot is on the historical grounds of the Old Police Station where the 1960 Sharpeville Massacre took place (see photo, credit:

This historical breakthrough is the result of increased lobbying of the local council the last two months after years of hard work by Khulumani Sharpeville.

Local businesses and churches have also joined in and will provide the required resources and equipment identified in the Khulumani business plan for food gardens. Local Khulumani members will work in the food gardens.


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