Khulumani’s Water for Dignity Project Launches the Grahamstown East Dignified Schools Project –

Khulumani's Water for Dignity Project Launches the Grahamstown East Dignified Schools Project

Khulumani’s Water for Dignity team launched their Grahamstown East Dignified Schools Campaign with an all-day clean-up at the historic Andrew Moyake School in the township on Thursday, 3 September 2015. Andrew Moyake was selected as the launch site for the project because it was found to be in the most serious state of dysfunction with one toilet being available for use by 200 learners.

Grocott’s, the country’s oldest independent newspaper, now linked to Rhodes University’s School of Journalism, covered the story in a photo-essay compiled by Ms Jane Berg. (See the Grocott’s article attached.)

Khulumani is proud of the initiative of its Water for Dignity team and grateful for the sponsorship of cleaning materials by the local Pick n Pay, by the provision of paint by Pennypinchers and support from Rotary in the city.

The Hippo Water Rollers were used to fetch and deliver water for scrubbing down the toilets at the school where the hand basins are blocked. Young people involved in the Community Works Programme in the city contributed their labour to the effort.


Khulumani Water for Dignity ran a small crowdfunding campaign on the website to fundraise for Hippo Water Rollers. (Campaign Link: The Hippo rollers are used in Water for Dignity’s work to deal with the impacts of the recurrent water outages in Garahamstown and in particular in Grahamstown schools where Khulumani has launched a new project called G.E.M.D.S – the acronym for Grahamstown East Makana Dignified Schools. The use of the water rollers have been linked into this initiative which is being driven by Mr Mbulalo Lipile who can be contacted on .

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