Michelle Favero receives the CALI Award for her role in leading the Australian Mamas and Gogos group supporting Khulumani Gogos in South Africa –

The Australian organisation, fivepointfive has nominated Michelle Favero as the latest winner of their CALI Award*.

Michelle explains how she was moved by a viewing of a film about the Wakefield Grannies from Canada who had established a partnership with grannies in Alexandra township in Johannesburg.

Soon after that film screening, Michelle started an association with Khulumani Support Group in supporting activities that empower Khulumani Gogos on the East Rand to become local community change agents.

The group members are victims of the atrocities of the East Rand political conflict that claimed thousands of lives across the 1990’s. Today they meet every week as community change agents who are active in contributing to the well-being of their families and their local communities.

From August 5 – 7, 2013, the Khulumani Gogos for Healthy Sexuality will be involved in a facilitation training to prepare them for leading eight local groups of older women sharing knowledge from the pot of wisdom’ on healthy sexuality and the elimination of stigma across different East Rand townships. They will reach 160 women in these weekly sessions.

Their beadwork that provides income support, is being taken to Canada by Ruth Loubser, the sexuality educator who facilitated these powerful workshops on Women Owning and Protecting their own bodies.

Congratulations to Michelle Favero on this award. We are so proud of you.

Here is the website address about this award to Michelle Favero:


* The CALI Award is awarded to inspiring, awesome people who are creating positive change. We bring you every day heroes, who are making the world a better place.

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