The Water for Dignity Project – First Research Poster –

Water for Dignity is working on building a peoples’ water science for a peoples’ water movement into the future. The project presently involves five young Khulumani water activists in Makana Municipality (Grahamstown East’s townships) in piloting solutions to the water challenges in Grahamstown’s townships.

The first Water for Dignity research poster comes from a review meeting on Friday 26 August 2013 of what the team wished to focus on – the potential of community water forums to manage water access to Grahamstown East and some practical solutions.

This is contrasted with the problems the community faces from a dysfunctional municipality and from corrupt activities from certain municipal employees like the photographed employee who takes a full water truck from the Fire Department to ‘sell’ municipal water to a private car wash.

The Water for Dignity project is a partnership between Khulumani Support Group and the Institute for Water Research at Rhodes University. It comes out of the realisation by the Water Research Commission that the problems with water access, quality and treatment, will not be solved in isolation of participation by the community.


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