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Friday, 10 February 2012 12:30

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sona2012Members of Khulumani Support Group wish to respond to your invitation to submit to you the issues that need highlighting in your State of the Nation 2012 address.

Dear Sir,

The members of Khulumani Support Group, the membership organisation of struggle veterans who lived at the frontlines of the resistance to apartheid oppression within the country and who suffered gross violations of their human rights as a result of the stands they made for justice and the achievement of democracy in South Africa, honour you as our respected President in whom we have placed our trust to facilitate the resolution of the issues that remain outstanding for our members.

Khulumani’s membership presently stands at around 70,000 individual victims and survivors of apartheid gross violations and their families. We wish to provide you with the details of what remains to be addressed while you remain the President in whom we have placed our hope and trust.

Download full submission.

  1. The lack of recognition of the contributions of struggle veterans
  2. The issue of the discrimination and divisions that have been created amongst communities of struggle veterans
  3. The lack of rehabilitation services for victims of apartheid gross human rights abuses: A Need for Appropriate Health Services
  4. The absence of substantial responses to Khulumani’s submissions on what is needed to ‘deal with
    the victims of the past’
  5. The proposals for The President’s Fund: The fund for much-needed ‘Community Reparations’
  6. Implementing the TRC Recommendations for Individual Reparations 
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