Attack on the Casual Workers’ Advice Office in Germiston – how you can help

Attack on the Casual Workers’ Advice Office in Germiston – how you can help

Khulumani learned with deep concern of the Monday 2 September 2019 attack on one of our partners with whom we have been pursuing the Unpaid Benefits Campaign – the Casual Workers’ Advice Office in Germiston, Johannesburg.

The GroundUp article describes what happened in the afternoon and evening of last Monday. We cannot imagine who could have orchestrated such a mindless attack on a service to amongst the most exploited of workers in this region.

We condemn this attack that has such devastating impacts on those who most need protection of their rights to dignity in their work. We salute their important work that as in our past struggles becomes more focused and determined in its activism for the rights of all casual workers. Out of the ashes of destruction, may the phoenix rise again, strengthened and emboldened in its just cause.

CWAO Casual Workers Advice Office banner

The CWAO office relaunches tomorrow, Saturday 7 September 2019, with a mass meeting to celebrate the determination of the Simunye Workers Forum that serves an inclusive agenda in the context of growing sentiments of afrophobic tendencies in some post-1994 civil society movements. There is no space in a participatory democracy based on social justice and fundamental freedoms, for rule by group think and mindless mobs. Such action will take our country nowhere.

Address of the CWAO: 96 Knox St, Germiston, Johannesburg, 1401
Phone number: 011 873 0903


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