The Cobuqua Speak Out: Whither our future?

River mouth in Eastern Cape

The elections this year in South Africa have as yet brought no sign of change for our peoples. The new president may have been ushered into Parliament by a Khoi praise singer last month, but there is no indication that he is listening to Khoisan concerns. We as Indigenous peoples of this land remain waiting … Read more The Cobuqua Speak Out: Whither our future?

Khulumani Attends the #KeepItConstitutional Launch at Constitution Hill, Johannesburg

mural with bill of rights grafitii

 On 26 July 2019, Khulumani Support Group attended the Foundation for Human Rights (FHR)’s launch of the #KeepItConstitutional Animation Series at the Constitutional Court.  The series uses animated characters to educate high school learners about constitutional rights. Hot topic issues, from land and education, to religious and political rights, are all explained in relation to … Read more Khulumani Attends the #KeepItConstitutional Launch at Constitution Hill, Johannesburg

Khulumani’s New Board Asserts their Governance and Strategic Leadership of Khulumani Support Group towards Ending the Struggle for Power and Control of the Organisation – 24 July 2019

Khulumani Support Group unequivocally rejects the findings of the so-called “disciplinary hearing” of its national director held by deposed former board members on the 28th of May 2019. The individuals pursuing this illegitimate action were removed from their positions at a constitutionally mandated AGM held on the 27th of April 2019, and thus do not have any authority within Khulumani Support Group, or to act on its behalf.

South Africa mourns the passing on 16 January 2019 of one of its Truth Commissioners, Mr Hugh Lewin

MR HUGH LEWIN TRC Commissioner

An edited Tribute to Hugh Lewin, by his lifelong friend, Paul Trewhela. Hugh Lewin died peacefully yesterday, 16 January 2019, at his home in Killarney,
Johannesburg. He was a person of exceptional good-ness. He sought for no high office, and never trumpeted his name. He always did what he thought was right, no matter what the cost.